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1. What is a fashion coach? 

     A fashion coach  helps people look their best by suggesting/choosing clothes, shoes and accessories for them. At the same time, I like to provide general advice on what       suits a client, such as colors and styles. 


2. How do you work with a client?


  • Shopping services 

      We can first arrange for a consultation via email or phone. During this session, we discuss your needs, your lifestyle, and your preferences (I promise I will take them under consideration as much as possible). Then, I take you shopping and the fun begins!

However, if you detest shopping and would like to avoid going shopping with me, I can always go shopping for you and later on return what does not fit or you don't like (please understand that all unwanted pieces will have to be returned at the same time). 

  •  Wardrobe overhaul (closet audit, closet organization)

       If you have too many clothes, but you don't know how to mix and match them or you want to get rid of whatever is out of fashion, old or you bought on a glimpse without               thinking, no reason to panic! I can go through your closet, perform an image and color assessment for you, and help you get rid of whatever doesn't fit you or match your style, age and personality (sorry if you are attached to the t-shirt you used to wear when you were 10, but my guess is it doesn't fit you anymore...). After we made some space, I will   arrange your closet based on occasion (evening and cocktail outfits, business attire, weekend outfits, gym clothes, sandals, ballerinas, boots etc) and match pieces together to create flattering, fashionable and fabulous new looks for, if you have been wondering what you should match this purple top with...Ta da!!!!! The only thing you will have to do is remove from the hanger and wear!

3. How about online shopping?

      I love online shopping!!!!! And as a matter of fact, many times I find amazing items online that are not available in stores or even in the country and are shipped i.e.  from Italy (definitely not China-no offense!). I can then make a portfolio for you, you can see what you like and I can order things online in the majority of cases with free         shipping.  

4. Is your service only for women?

     My services are for everyone, women, men, kids! 

5. Why should I pick you?

     Because I have a passion for fashion, I love helping people, I can put together casual, formal, party, business outfits, and I love shoes!!!!!!!!And above all, popular vote says I am good at it....


6. Which areas do you provide service?

     I provide services in the greater Los Angeles area, however, customers nationwide can contact me to discuss remote (virtual consultation and online shopping) services. 


If you have any further questions, please 

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