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About Me

  Hi, I am Mariangela, your fashion guru! A fashionista and a professional with a PhD in Neurosciences, after having attended dozens of scientific meetings and conferences, I understand that looking presentable is very important in the business world and not only. That means:

  • I can help you look professional

  • Choose outfits suitable for your weekend getaways

  • Make you look irresistible at your first date

  • Help you rock that "red carpet" event that can change your life

  • Organize your closet and your outfits

  • Provide tips to improve your color choices based on your skin complexion and profession 

Red: appropriate for business in sports, entertainment, healthcare, emergency services, marketing, public relations. 

Purple: suitable for astrologists, aromatherapists, masseurs, yogis, healers, meditation experts

Blue: color of trust and stability, can be worn by healthcare professionals, lawyers, scientists, HR and government professionals 

Black: finance

Pink: beauty and fashion related occupations, childcare

Featured in VoyageLA magazine

If you have any further questions, please 

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