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"Mariangela is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is fast, effective and fun! I wanted help changing my professional style as I was dressed very conservative. I am so grateful for her help overhaul my wardrobe. It was exactly what I needed. A fresh start. It was so much more fun than I imagined it would be, she knew exactly where to take my and what looked good on me. I feel great every day as I don't have to struggle with my clothes. I feel sexier and more confident than ever. Thank you Mariangela, I will keep you for ever. 
I highly recommend her."

Stavroula Z., Finance Analyst, Glendale, CA

"Mariangela is an outstanding fashion coach that has an eye for detail. I have been a loyal client of hers and she seems to have incomparable knowledge of the fashion industry . She definitely has a warm personality and makes you feel like you know each other for years !!!
Well done !"

Steve P., Hair Salon Owner, Manhattan, NY

"Fantastic, very pleased!!!"

Leslie-Anne F., Film Director, West Hollywood, CA

"Mariangela helped me pick summer clothes from Macy's and Nordstrom for casual occasions. I bought a polo shirt, shorts and shoes, which I love and have been wearing. She has a good eye for size, a great taste, and strong opinions, she did not just echo me or agree with me. She is also fun to be around"

Theo S., Software Engineer, Santa Monica, CA

"Had a wonderful time with Mariangela. She offered some great suggestions regarding men's casual clothes, and we were able to assemble an exciting wardrobe for me. Can't wait to meet with her again. Highly recommend her."

Michael B., Financial Advisor, Santa Clarita, CA

"Mariangela was great! She is very professional and has an eye for selecting items that work. I'm glad she helped me out."

Claudia S., Student and Media Professional, Los Angeles, CA


"Mariangela is the first fashion consultant that I've ever worked with and she made this such

an enjoyable process! She has a very bubbly personality and was a joy to be around. She was punctual and has great advice- she knows what she's doing! I just had my first baby and I needed to update my wardrobe to match. We went shopping and she picked out some lovely pieces for me that I would have never been brave enough to try, but she gave me the confidence to try- I couldn't be happier!! She transformed my closet- I never feel like I don't have anything to wear now! I've recommended her to all of my young mom friends! Thank you, Mariangela, and I can't wait for our next meeting!!"

Erica L., Research Associate, Glendale, CA


   "Working with Mariangela's closet was one of the best shopping experiences ever. First

of all, Mariangela was very good in responding immediately to every question I had prior to our meeting, which tells me about her professionalism. She is extremely easy to talk to, very honest, passionate about her job and has great "eye" to find you a perfect outfit. I had doubts on one blouse complaining that wasn't my color, but I couldn't win, that woman knows when she is right. I got the blouse and every time I wear it, I get a LOT of compliments (it became one of my favorite items to wear). Even tough our styles very very much differ, I can just show her what I like and she will find the best fitting and the most fashionable item in that category, it's amazing. It is even better if you communicate with her before going shopping on what you like and need, that way she can research on what is new and she will find the best price for it as well! It's like your private fashion google! As a student, she also gave me incredible discount plus we had fun time shopping! Seriously, she is perfect!"


Divna L., Postgraduate Student, Los Angeles, CA

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